Ignacio M.
Location Map Pin Argentina
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Argentina/Cordoba)
Senior Software Engineer (with a focus on Golang)
I have a degree in Electronic Engineering and my technical skills come mainly from low-level programming, thanks to my experience in firmware development. Therefore, I consider resource optimization (performance) and logic understanding to be my strongest technical points. I am able to make technical decisions on architectures, developments, and implementations. I feel comfortable working in a team, I have good communication with my colleagues, and I like to offer help when needed. I am very open to suggestions regarding decision-making and I like to make suggestions. I easily adapt to any project. My latest achievements were: - Development from scratch of Golang APIs (MercadoLibre), where I had to decide on architectures and ways of implementing them. (AWS services and asynchronous tasks) - I was in charge of a project dedicated to smart access. The challenge was to migrate a monolithic system that handled the backend and access to databases to a microservices architecture, dockerizing each of them. In addition, databases with data redundancy were optimized as well as new architectures to improve responses when requesting reports that required a lot of processing. - Developing SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) in GNINGENIERIA, mainly for electricity service providers. I executed the full development from hardware design, fieldwork, development of low-level communication protocols, developments for communication between TCP protocols and databases with JAVA, and web development for billing and visualization of electrical variables.