Artem K.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Android developer with 9+ years of professional experience. Rich experience as a team lead and a tech lead on Android projects.
◼ I'm a Java/Kotlin developer with 9+ years of experience. ◼ My most recent experience is working as a team lead on an Android fintech project (3 devs + lead) and a tech lead on a medical project (6 devs + lead). ◾ I started as a Java integration developer working on a huge enterprise application. ◾ After that, I switched to Android development. ◾ I worked on small and big projects, creating applications for emerging, and developed markets. ◾ I have experience building apps from the ground up and improving and polishing apps already in production. ◾ I've been studying Flutter for quite some time, and I'm confident enough to conduct technical interviews. ◾Also, I had additional roles in the company where I was a team lead: ▪ Conducted interviews in English with Android native and Flutter international candidates according to EPAM standards ▪ Worked as a Resource Manager -Participation in the company’s strategic management -Salary management -Regular One-on-Ones -Feedback sessions