Octavio Á.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-07:00 (America/Chihuahua)
Full Stack Developer with 7+ years of experience, proficient in Angular, C#, Xamarin, MVVM, MVC, and DevOps, backed by a certification in AWS.
-My best experience was when I began to discover APIs and SOLID, since then my fascination for the back end began. I began to study each one of them and always try to use them in my personal and professional projects. -One of my most unique experiences was when I led a development team for the creation of an application called Xaldo using Xamarin, developing it with ISO 8583 for online debit/credit card collection with all the necessary security. - I've had my own small projects, one of them for the selection of schedules in a school, creation of APIs for web pages for communication, enter a database of contacts and joint appointments -I participated in 3 Hackathons in school, in which one time I came in second place and the other two times in third place. Years later I was a judge in a Hackathon with the Tecnológico de Delicias. -I have 3 years of experience giving tutoring on existing technologies and systems, as well as the implementation of new technologies (mainly Microsoft) in some businesses in my city.