Anubhav K.
Location Map Pin India
Main Clock UTC+05:30 (Asia/Kolkata)
Experienced React.js developer, proficient in modern technologies, aiming to enhance front-end development and team success.
- I successfully led the front-end development for notable projects such as SourceBae and RecruitBae, implementing complex functionalities while ensuring top-notch code quality. - I single-handedly redesigned the entire login journey for Apollo24/7, both for web and mobile app, enhancing user experience and increasing user engagement. - I was the sole developer for Bharat Connect, integrating advanced features such as Google Maps with efficient location markers, contributing to improved logistics for local governments. - As a lead developer on Bandhify, I worked extensively with Google APIs and GraphQL using Apollo Client, optimizing dairy-products delivery for customers. - I migrated a mobile app from an older Native version to a new one under the Bharat Connect project, a challenging task that involved resolving multiple major breaking changes. - In addition to my development role, I also actively shared my knowledge and mentored other individuals, fostering a productive and cohesive team environment.