Hector Ariel A.
Location Map Pin Argentina
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Argentina/Cordoba)
Software developer (.NET)
Experienced developer with a proactive and inquisitive mindset. I've excelled in diverse roles, including feature development, tech support, vendor/customer interactions, and DevOps functions. Passionate about improving products and processes, I bring creative solutions and design thinking to the table. Known for fostering a positive team environment and motivating colleagues. I worked as a Mentor for Club de Chicas Programadoras, an NGO. In this role, my responsibility was to introduce mentees to the world of IT in the best possible way. I explained technical concepts in a friendly manner and assisted mentees in achieving their goals. Additionally, I helped them explore educational options. I take pride in having helped some of them unleash their passions through technology. Some of my achievements: * During my first experience as a developer, I independently designed and developed a comprehensive module. This module simulated the financial impact on the company and the region, considering price changes for both individual items and bulk quantities. * I collaborated on a reverse engineering system that scraped websites or input files provided by clients. Based on this data, the script generated the necessary components and schemas for the integrated CMS solution. As a result, we were able to migrate several websites within a matter of hours or days, significantly reducing the original estimated time of 5-10 years. * As part of my role, I took charge of comprehending epic user stories and guiding their successful completion through effective leadership. I actively engaged in negotiation and presented opportunities to clients, ensuring their needs were met. This involved the development and implementation of new features. By thoroughly understanding the business and client objectives, I consistently provided optimal solutions. Additionally, I upheld high personal and team values, promoting a positive and productive work environment. This was a valuable and fascinating experience in the petroleum and gas industry, among other sectors. * I accomplished the successful resolution of live critical issues related to the DB and/or integration system in C#, ensuring smooth operations and maintaining data integrity. I demonstrated excellent communication skills by effectively collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, ensuring everyone is informed and on the same page. Moreover, I leverage my ability to explain complex business logic and technical processes in a clear and concise manner, enabling effective understanding by both technical and non-technical teams and colleagues.