Claudio C.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Sao_Paulo)
Java expert with vast experiences with many stacks, developing and designing complex system architectures and technical leadership.
- In 2018, Claudio independently developed an ASO (Occupational Health Certificate) Issuance system that has grown over time and now includes other modules such as Treasury, Warehouse, Reception, Medical Records, Product Portfolio, and integration with Mercado Livre (an e-commerce platform). This system is fully distributed using microservices architecture, with the backend built on Spring Boot, the frontend developed using AngularJS, and it is deployed on a multi-cloud environment utilizing both GCP and AWS. - Claudio worked at FORD CREDIT, where he was responsible for the financing system for Ford in China (all Ford vehicles financed in China were processed through this system). Due to the time zone difference and the diverse cultures and vastly different rules across countries, it was one of the places where he learned the most about working with English. My direct manager was based in Dearborn (US), the users were in Shanghai and Nanjing (China), infrastructure support was in Chennai (India), systems support was in London (England), and some technicians were located in Mexico City (Mexico). In this project, Claudio's role was primarily focused on coordination, so I had one team for system maintenance and another for new developments. - Cláudio participated in a project for SOMOV, where he created a system for calculating rental fees and depreciation of large machinery. He applied the same concept used in insurance score calculation. This project marked Cláudio's first foray into Machine Learning and Neural Networks. He takes great pride in this achievement because after its development, the "calculation engine" started being utilized for other business niches. - Claudio developed and implemented a system for the Government of the State of Amazonas to process payroll data for all civil workers in the state. He started the project as a Senior Programmer and eventually became the Technical Lead, requiring frequent travel between São Paulo and Manaus. He was responsible for overseeing a team of analysts, including functional analysts, systems analysts, and business analysts (approximately 8 individuals), as well as a team of developers (approximately 20 individuals). - In 2012, Claudio opened his consulting firm, where he streamlined all processes, built a client portfolio, and even managed to employ 14 staff members. Remarkably, he achieved all of this with 100% self-financing, without any investors. In 2017, the company generated its first million in revenue. Unfortunately, due to personal health issues, Claudio had to close the business in 2018.