Jhon R.
Location Map Pin Dominican Republic
Main Clock UTC-04:00 (America/Santo_Domingo)
Experienced Angular developer with strong expertise in building scalable and efficient web applications.
Experienced software engineer with over 6 years of expertise in Angular and 5 years in .Net Core. Proficient in React, Ionic, Redux, and RxJS, as well as strong understanding of design patterns. Passionate about building high-performance, scalable applications and utilizing the latest technologies to solve complex problems. Collaborative team player with excellent communication skills. Adept in utilizing collaboration tools such as Jira, Azure DevOps, Rally, RTC, and ClickUp to streamline software development processe Extensive knowledge of Software Quality Assurance, and software development through Agile methodologies. - Developed several crytical apps for Sued & Fargesa, biggest pharma company in Dominican Republic, by using technologies like Angular, Net core, ionic, jasmine, sass, etc. One of the apps, helped to reduce time in accouting department from 4 weeks to 1 week. - Developed several features in a microfrotend project, with several technologies including react, angular, stencil JS. - Worked in Wabtec PDS project, which run one of the biggest train and cargo business in USA. Implemented several features, with angular, electron, etc. Worked developing the form renderer library, which is being used for all the forms in the platform.