Nikolay M.
Location Map Pin France
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Paris)
Senior Software Engineer
As a skilled Software Engineer with a strong Python, JavaScript, PHP, and C++ background, I have accomplished several notable achievements throughout my career. My expertise lies in Python, where I have worked with frameworks such as Flask and Django and utilized mathematical libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, and Pandas. In JavaScript, I am proficient in jQuery, Node.js, and Vue.js, while in C++, I have experience with the STL and Boost libraries. Additionally, I possess knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SOAP, UML, and prototyping tools. I have worked extensively with databases, including MySQL, where I have optimized database structures and queries for high performance, and PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB. Throughout my career, I have utilized various development tools and environments such as PyCharm, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, GIT, SVN, Redmine, Jira, FishEye for code review, Varnish, Apache Solr, Vagrant, and New Relic. Regarding education, I hold a Master's degree in Informatics and Statistics from Université Lumière (Lyon II) and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Kharkiv National University of Economics. I am a native Ukrainian speaker with an intermediate proficiency level in English and French.