Mykola K.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Senior Full Stack Developer
8+ years of commercial experience in a frontend software development role: ● 4+ years of experience using ReactJS (15-16) and technologies: Redux/Axios/React Route ● 5+ years of experience using TypeScript ● 21+ years of experience using JavaScript including ES6+ syntax and more ECMAScript ● 15+ years of experience using JQuery, Sencha ExtJS, KnockoutJS, Kendo UI etc. ● 2+ years of experience using Angular (11-15)/RxJs/NgRx/Angular Material/Akita/CDK/Angular Universal(SSR)/Angular Testing Library/Cypress ● SEO, SPA, PWA, REST, GraphQL 14+ years of commercial experience in a full stack software development role: ● 5+ years of experience using Node.js with Exress.js ● 2+ year .Net(C#) design web and backend app on Azure Portal ; ● 11+ years of experience using PHP (5-8.2) with Zend Framework, Laravel and Yii2; ● 4 years experience in Progress 4GL ABL OpenEdge; ● TypeORM/Mongoose, Sentry, CircleCI;i 6+ years of commercial experience in automation testing in JS and Python ● F2F automation testing stack : Jasmine, Cypress, Protractor and Pytest; ● Unit and integration testing: Jest, Angular Testing Library; ● Automation testing on iOS and Android devices with Appium tool etc. ; 28 years experience with Databases ● Knowledge in relational databases: MySQL, Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, OpenEdge, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS Access etc; ● 6+ years experience in NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis etc; Experience in Debugging tools : Chrome DevTools, FireFox FireBug, Safari Web Inspector, Progress Fiddler, Charles Proxy, WireSharks etc.; Experience with Version Control Systems (Mercurial, Git, Bazaar) and Cloud VC Services (GitHub, GitLab,Bitbucket); Experience with DevOps tools: Docker, Jenkins, TeamCity, Sentry, Graffana, ELK Stack etc.; 5+ years Android applications development, Java with knowledge of the Android SDK; 2+ years iOS mobile applications development, Swift with knowledge of the Swift UI SDK; 13+ years of commercial experience with foreign customers and international team collaboration.