David G.
Location Map Pin Armenia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Asia/Yerevan)
Software Development Architect
Over 15 years of experience in Java and Ruby development working across multiple technologies have helped me to stay abreast of new developments within the industry. Versatility in quickly adapting to new coding conventions is combined with an 'I can do. Can you do?' attitude. This means I am happy working independently or in a close team environment and apply a positive attitude to every project. • Experience working with different operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. • Solid understanding of web service protocols such as JSON, HTTP and XML, and database development using SQLite and Realm • Extensive experience with Android SDK and Eclipse IDE, Android Studio along with Android ADT plugin • Strong at problem-solving and understanding new technical concepts to produce meaningful results • Extensively worked on logging bugs, defects and integrating Google analytics / Crashalytics • Extensively used UML and design patterns in translating the requirements to design specifications • Extensive experience in using J2EE based frameworks like Spring, JSF, Struts and Hibernate • Extensive experience of configuring, deploying and debugging the J2EE applications on Application Servers