Fernando Daniel S.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Monterrey)
Full Stack Developer and Data Engineer aiming to innovate and develop tools to facilitate companies to improve their results using Data.
After graduating from the first generation in Innovation and Development Engineering, I started working for an information technology company called Infosys, my title was a Software Engineer, I spent 6 months in training topics, like Python and SQL languages, and 6 months working within a project for one of our clients, the main focus was in improve database performance to get better results using data. After a year I got the opportunity to work with a material handling and logistics company called "Dematic", my title was a Software Application Commissioner Engineer, and my main task was to travel around the US and Canada with a working visa to our client's warehouses and distribution center making sure that our products were correctly installed and I will capacitate manager and operators on how to properly use our product solution. After a few years I got a new job offer with a company that works in logistics and freight forwarding with a job title as "Solutions Developer and Data Analyst", I provide support to our internal customers in order to simply optimize their performance by giving certain tools that will improve their job experience. based on data collection and analysis.