Diego O.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
Highly skilled Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer with 6 years of experience in building predictive models for large-scale data sets.
- I developed and programmed a Siamese neural network model under my guidance, capable of predicting patient outcomes based on multiple factors. -I took the responsibility of maintaining legacy code, refactoring it as necessary and creating pertinent UnitTests. This dedication resulted in the update of more than 10,000 lines of code, maintaining a high standard for the codebase. - I innovatively implemented a Python solution combining pyTorch and OpenCV for the identification of theft events in supermarket stores. This initiative led to annual savings of over 3 billion USD for the client. - I optimized and systematized a computational pipeline for preprocessing and analyzing medical images, resulting in a remarkable 20-fold increase in output efficiency. -I improved existing ML algorithms, effectively reducing processing time requirements from 8 hours to just 10 minutes, while maintaining an accuracy rate of over 97%.