Jhony N.
Location Map Pin Venezuela
Main Clock UTC-04:30 (America/Caracas)
I love programming, for me it is like spending the day playing, I also like to teach what I know when I see that someone shows interest, I am passiona
I always seek to use technologies in my own way, meaning in a way that benefits me, such as Puppeteer.js which I use a lot to extract Chinese light novels hehe, My favorite personal projects are scraping Chinese novels, as well as creating small bots to test things. Recently I created an assistant using OpenAI's API to practice my English and interview skills hehe. About 3 years ago I attempted to create my own startup, with an invoicing system that was used for over 2 years in my friends' businesses. I love teaching - in fact I'm currently teaching programming using JS and Node.js to some 15 year old kids who enjoy programming. Notable achievements or what I consider trophies in my life as a developer would be creating a communications system like Google Meet, but for a company I worked for called Audio Positioning, another trophy is integrating the WhatsApp API into the invoicing system for the last company I worked for, and other things. But the jewel I currently have on my trophy shelf is using OpenAI's API to train models on specific topics, as well as using Langchains for the same purpose.