Bogdan V.
Location Map Pin Poland
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Warsaw)
General Quality Assurance Engineer
II have experience working as an automation tester in projects, such as "Linguamat", "Baza trainee Ukraine". In these projects, I built the automation testing from scratch. I also worked as a manual tester in a project called "," where I worked in all levels of testing, I have experience in both frontend and backend testing. - On the project, I introduced the testing process from scratch. I created a test plan and test strategy, defined the technology stack, including tools such as Postman, MySQL, JS, Newman, Jenkins, Python (and also library request for some api testing), Selenium Web Driver, Pytest, JMeter,, and MeisterTask. I effectively facilitated communication between the development team and the client. I created over 1400 test cases, encompassing both manual and automated testing (automating validation testing, API testing, registration testing and more). This led to a 120% improvement in project quality, measured through increased test coverage, critical bug resolution, and a 50% reduction in testing time. Baza Trainee Ukraine / Murrfecto - On thats project, I worked as a mentor and team leader for a young team of beginners in QA. I provided training in both manual and automated testing, actively comunicated with our team in Trello and Discord and I also conducted automated testing (JS api cases in Postman+Newman+Jenkins and Python+Selenium+Pytest UI/UX cases), achieving coverage of approximately 75% of the functionality. I reduced testing time by approximately 40%. Thanks to the efforts of the team under my supervision, we were able to release the product to the market in just 3 months and improved the product's quality by 90%. - On the project, I conducted manual API testing using Postman, tested the NoSQL database in MongoDB, performed usability testing, regression testing, payment testing, performance testing, and mobile testing. I tested new features and validated the product after updates. I developed a test strategy and created approximately 2200 test cases, achieving coverage of over 90% of the functionality. Additionally, I identified non-functional bugs in the website's logic, which significantly improved the product's quality by more than 80%. This contributed to enhancing the website's reputation in the market and resulted in substantial cost savings. - On the project, I conducted manual API testing using Postman and tested the MySQL database. Additionally, I performed usability testing, tested payment systems, mobile testing and regression testing. During the project, I created approximately 2000 test cases in TestRail, significantly increasing test coverage to 95%. I actively collaborated with developers in Jira and Zoom, promptly reporting any identified issues and maintaining test cases. Thanks to this collaboration and diligent work, product quality improved by 85%. Furthermore, my efforts helped save the project money that could have been lost due to critical errors and also attracted more clients. -Automation testing (Python, Selenium Web Driver, Appium, Pytest, Postman, Newman, Docker, TeamCity, CI/CD, Jenkins, JavaScript, Github) (3 years) -Manual testing stack (Devtools, Postman, MySQL, MongoDB, GraphQL, DBeaver, QASE, Testrail, Xcode, Charles, Fiedler, Jmetr, Miro, JSON, XML, XPATH, CSS) (3+ years) -Test Suites (Test Plan, Test Strategy, User cases, User stories, Check List, Test Cases, Bug Reports, Mind Map ) (3+ years) -Tracking System (Jira, Trello, MeisterTask) (3+years)