Roberto F.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Araguaina)
I am a software developer with a successful career spanning over three decades.
-With over three decades of dedicated software development experience, I've cultivated a career that began in 1988 and continues to thrive. -I've had the privilege of contributing to both national and international projects, making a significant impact on millions of users worldwide. -My expertise extends to rare and niche technologies, reflecting my adaptability and problem-solving abilities. -I co-founded a dynamic startup, where I took on the role of a technical leader and developer. During this journey, I oversaw the development of various projects catering to small and medium-sized businesses, delivering effective solutions for financial management, inventory control, service orders, and invoice generation. -Within the Brazilian Air Force, I played a pivotal role in modernizing meteorological operations. I led the coordination of innovative applications' implementation in 60 airports and air bases, resulting in enhanced efficiency and safety. -I have a proven track record of elevating user experiences and operational efficiency through the introduction of innovative features. Examples include real-time push notifications, augmented reality integrations, and seamless payment systems for mobile applications.