Anthony G.
Location Map Pin Venezuela
Main Clock UTC-04:30 (America/Caracas)
Enjoying learning, creating and innovating.
- I accomplished optimizing a web application's performance, reducing load times by 50%, resulting in improved user satisfaction and SEO rankings. - I accomplished integrating third-party APIs for enhanced functionality optimizing processes. - I accomplished creating a responsive and server-side rendered web application that resulted in a 45% increase in sales for the client. - I accomplished building a REST API that allows a solid integration between multiple third-party web services enhancing data exchange and streamlining business processes. - I accomplished leading a 5 person development team based on SCRUM Agile methodology following best practices based on books and evidence. - I accomplished designing and building a consistent design system, building a comprehensive collection of components and tools that help ensure consistency and efficiency in development processes. Aiming to achieve visual consistency in the company with the elements of the design system and providing clear documentation for developers.