Ayan S.
Location Map Pin Kazakhstan
Main Clock UTC+06:00 (Asia/Almaty)
Python developer
I'm a seasoned software engineer passionate about crafting efficient and robust back-end solutions. I have a solid background in Python and its frameworks such as FastAPI, DRF (Django Rest Framework), and Pandas. My Java expertise extends to Spring Boot, enabling me to create scalable and responsive applications that meet real-world demands. But my toolkit doesn't stop there – I'm also fluent in vanilla JavaScript, enhancing user experiences and adding dynamic elements to web projects. Database design and software architecture are my strong suits. I can architect a system from the ground up, ensuring that every piece fits seamlessly. My database prowess covers both SQL and NoSQL databases, giving me the versatility to choose the best approach for each project's needs. Moreover, I'm skilled in building pipelines, setting up CI/CD systems, streamlining the development process, and ensuring code quality at every stage.