Fadi A.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Senior Backend Developer
I'm Fadi A., a Tech Lead and Senior Python Developer with a passion for innovation and problem-solving. My journey in the world of technology has been a dynamic and exciting one, and I'm excited to share a glimpse of my professional background: Current Role: I'm currently in the role of Tech Lead and Senior Python Developer at Syntech Software. My work primarily revolves around leading a team and providing technical guidance. Together, we are building a platform called Aristiun, which empowers users to comprehensively assess the security of their IT infrastructure. This includes a wide range of responsibilities, from AI-based solutions for computer security automation to optimizing deployment processes and user onboarding. Broad Experience: My career has seen me working on diverse projects, including web services, IoT services, and crop simulation models. I've actively contributed to various phases of the software development lifecycle and have a knack for optimizing processes and enhancing team performance. Skills: I am proficient in various programming languages and have hands-on experience with databases, frameworks, and deployment tools. This enables me to approach complex challenges with versatility and creativity. Education: I hold a Master's degree in System Engineering from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics and a Junior Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems and Networks from Kharkiv Patent Computer College. Languages: I'm well-versed in English, Ukrainian (my native language), and have knowledge of German and Arabic. I'm enthusiastic about the ever-evolving tech landscape and thrive on translating ideas into practical solutions. My career has been defined by a commitment to excellence and a constant thirst for knowledge. I'm ready to bring my expertise and passion to your team, and I'm eager to explore new opportunities in the world of technology. Let's connect and explore the possibilities together!