David M.
Location Map Pin Armenia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Asia/Yerevan)
Experienced TypeScript Frontend Developer (React.js, Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js)
With a passion for cutting-edge technologies and a proven track record in front-end development, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Here are some of my most notable achievements that set me apart: - I've accomplished successful project delivery in React.js and Vue.js, showcasing expertise in both popular front-end frameworks. - My diverse project portfolio spans various industries, including e-commerce, printing, and gamification, demonstrating adaptability and broad application of skills. - I possess unique experience in working with niche and rare technologies, pushing boundaries and exploring innovative solutions. - I have initiated and managed my own commercial and non-commercial start-ups, bringing entrepreneurial spirit and project leadership to the forefront. - Participation in well-known hackathons has honed my problem-solving abilities and creativity, resulting in out-of-the-box solutions. - My experience in teaching and tutoring others has enabled me to share my knowledge and mentor budding developers, contributing to the growth of the tech community and fostering a collaborative environment. I look forward to leveraging my expertise to deliver exceptional solutions for your projects.