Lilit K.
Location Map Pin Armenia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Asia/Yerevan)
Senior FullStack developer (WordPress | Next.js | Nuxt.js)
As a seasoned WordPress expert and a proficient developer in React.js, Vue.js, and related frameworks, I bring more than 5 years of experience to the table. Here are my standout achievements that set me apart and assure you of my capability: - I have successfully created and customized WordPress plugins, tailoring them to meet unique project requirements. - My expertise extends to rare and niche technologies, allowing me to navigate unconventional solutions with confidence. - I've initiated and managed both commercial and non-commercial start-ups, taking projects from inception to realization. - Participation in well-known hackathons has honed my creative problem-solving skills, resulting in innovative solutions. - I've shared my knowledge and mentored others through teaching and tutoring experiences, contributing to the growth of fellow developers. - I've achieved quantifiable milestones, such as significantly improving website performance, enhancing user engagement, and optimizing data processing, all resulting in measurable business growth. My diverse skill set and track record of accomplishments position me as a reliable and innovative developer, ready to bring value to your projects.