Juan Jose O.
Location Map Pin Colombia
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Bogota)
Engeneering Leader | Low-code Developer | developer | Retool developer
"- One of my proudest achievements is helping Hippo Build reach YC2022 by developing 3 MVPs that helped getting enough market validation and an initial prototype to share. - I lead the development and the product of a 360 property management platform for Nicholas Lara, a real estate agent that owns a company called Hucoo Homes. - I worked closely with the Head of Product and Co- CEO of Fuse Finance, a Loan Origination System, to help their customers connect with multiple services as credit bureaus, price advisors, SFTPs, and more, and provided the clients specialized help and custom solutions for their specific needs, processes and workflows. - I co-founded CINCO Innovation Center to help students all over latam the skills to be excellent developers and product owners, providing them an easy and fast paced methodology to learn tech skills, and mentoring them to ensure their success in their future jobs (non-profit)."