Angel S.
Location Map Pin Argentina
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires)
Sr Fullstack Engineer
Angel, a Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience in software development, is known for his self-driven approach in building solutions for startups and fintech. He specializes in Ruby and possesses a deep understanding of its syntax, semantics, and core libraries, enabling him to develop efficient and maintainable software. Additionally, Angel is proficient in other programming languages like JavaScript and SQL and has a wide-ranging experience in web development. He excels at problem-solving, creative and strategic thinking, and effective communication with diverse team members and stakeholders. His primary focus is on producing reliable, scalable, and maintainable code. Angel's enthusiasm for learning and adaptability to new technologies and AI approaches reflects his commitment to contributing to world-class solutions. He is highly interested in state-of-the-art technology and the development of high-impact projects.