Bret B.
Location Map Pin United States
Main Clock UTC-07:00 (America/Denver)
8+ years exp Engineer with specialized experience in Retool, adept in JavaScript and SQL, offering a strong blend of technical proficiency
A seasoned and dynamic software professional, I bring a wealth of experience in full-stack development, project management, and cloud architecture, spanning over a decade in the tech industry. My journey in the tech world began as a C# Developer and AWS Architect, where I successfully led a critical site migration from a 2008 server to the AWS cloud. This project not only showcased my technical acumen in setting up IAMs, user roles, and billing systems but also my ability to deliver under pressure to prevent server corruption. In the realm of Marketing Technology, I honed my skills in Angular, upgrading a web application from Angular 5 to 14, and reconfiguring its routing to optimize search results. This role demanded a keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills, as I fixed bugs, added components, and enhanced features for an application used by automechanics and insurance companies. My versatility was further demonstrated at WJD Management, where I tackled legacy code in VB.NET, integrating multiple applications and refining a scanning application for property management. This experience was enriched by backend development in PHP and C#/.NET Core, further broadening my technical repertoire. At, my leadership skills came to the forefront. As the lead of a development team, I guided the creation of a comprehensive clinical practice management software. My responsibilities spanned front-end development in Angular 14, UI/UX design, and implementing CI/CD pipelines, all within an Azure DevOps agile environment. This role not only emphasized my technical prowess but also my ability to lead, plan, and execute complex projects. My tenure at Robert Half further solidified my project management skills, where I engaged in comprehensive project planning, code reviews, and sprint leadership, contributing significantly to software development lifecycle management. My analytical skills were also on display as I managed P&L reports, aligning project goals with client objectives. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaborative teamwork. My technical skills, combined with my ability to adapt and lead, make me a valuable asset to any team looking to navigate the complex and evolving landscape of software development and project management.