Abdiel B.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Fortaleza)
Seasoned Senior Frontend Developer at Oowlish, with 5+ years expertise in software architecture and development across leading tech firms
- Developed the frontend for the public-facing site for customers to make vet appointments during COVID lockdowns, which remained active until 2023, with React as a Frontend Developer at Oowlish / Petco. - Developed and maintained frontend and backend services for customer and admin-facing sites using React with GraphQL and Node.js with Apollo Server running on AWS Lambda, using MySQL for data and SQS to orchestrate the services as a Fullstack Developer at Oowlish. - Wrote a major rewrite of the data/model layer for the backend and created a new API to integrate with a 3rd party team as a Fullstack Developer at Oowlish.