Sergey K.
Location Map Pin Poland
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Warsaw)
Full-stack software developer with 5+ years production development experience;
Core skills are nodeJS (Express, NestJS) and Python/Django on the backend side and React and Angular on the frontend; deep knowledge of following development technologies: HTML5, CSS3, React(Redux, Mobx, NextJS), NodeJS, Express, GraphQL (Apollo), NestJS, AngularJS and Angular 3+ (with NgRx and RxJS), Vite, Webpack, Rollup, Gulp, StoryBook, i18n, Jest, Mocha, Chai, Cypress, Docker, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS; experience with MVC, MVVM, MVP. Good understanding of OOP and FP; understanding of algorithms, data structures and databases; a great team player; demonstrated flexibility in adapting to changing project requirements and technologies. Quick to learn and apply new skills as needed.