Denis S.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Full-stack Web developer with 10 years of experience and deep knowledge of frontend and backend JS-based technologies.
- As a full-stack developer for the Irrigation app, I successfully implemented the functionality to support various types of irrigation controllers like Wisecon and Talgil, developed daily irrigation plans, and introduced precise scheduling capabilities. This involved creating proxy services to interact with controller APIs, alongside comprehensive frontend and backend development, and bug resolution. - At BitRobby, I played a crucial role as a frontend developer, where I implemented a subscription model and developed intricate tracking graphs for incomes and cryptocurrency prices, in addition to overseeing the full development of the service's web pages. I also contributed to backend adjustments and fixes, enhancing the overall service experience. - Within Grip, an investments application, I served as a backend developer, developing a PHP microservice for proxying requests to financial nodes. This crucial infrastructure facilitated seamless and secure data flow within the app, strengthening its operational backbone. - As part of the Cohesion project, I was responsible for implementing communication with servers through the MQTT protocol and developing functionalities for working with IP cameras and adding objects on maps. My role as a full-stack developer also included developing comprehensive alarm and notifications features, enhancing user security and engagement. - In my tenure with Totem, a web explorer for indie gaming assets, I was instrumental in implementing a complete user logic system, integrating unique DNA features into NFTs, and developing a plugin for DNA manipulation. My efforts as a backend developer significantly contributed to the platform's uniqueness and functionality. - As a backend developer for Co-Play, an online video conferencing app, I developed the rooms and groups functionality for conferences, implemented video saving features, and introduced session duration limits. This work was pivotal in enhancing the app's usability and functionality for end-users.