Andriy Y.
Location Map Pin Slovakia
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Bratislava)
Commercial experience in software development based on Typescript, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, React.js, React-Redux, Material UI, HTML5, CSS3.
Good day, I am a full stack developer experienced in building the cloud web solutions. I worked with cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Google GCP and SQL/NoSQL databases. Commercial experience with Node.js / Typescript, JavaScript, React.js, React-Redux, ECMAScript 5/6/7, Material UI, HTML5, CSS3. API integration experience based on RESTFul API concept and third-party APIs integration, such as Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter and others. I worked in international teams and fluent in English. Working as a team player I often use Git, Trello, JIRA and other tools. I'm familiar with Scrum / Agile methodology, so constantly will inform you about the progress, because Communication is the main key to the success of any project. My recent project is the application for scanning QR codes from receipts and categorising and analysing expenses. The application use a third party API to get all information from the receipt, such as store name and address, purchased items and other supplemental data. The Receipts Researcher project consisted of two parts: A client application based on React, Material UI, Redux Thunk and server application - RESTFul API, based on Node.js, Express.js, MySQL. Programming language - Typescript. https://receipts.yanpix.com/ Source code samples: https://github.com/Yanpix/receipt-researcher-api Best regards, Andriy