Vlad V.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Experienced Senior Full Stack Engineer with more than 6+ years of professional development experience.
In 2018, started learning HTML and CSS, moved on to JavaScript. Found first job in a web studio in the city of Rivne, where I worked for 8 months. Also decided to try freelancing. From June 2019 worked for the Kyiv-based company Craftera Digital. Successfully mastered Vue and React and had experience with Node.js. Worked on projects of various complexities. In 2021 changed companies and joined Merehead. Has worked with interesting projects: developing decentralized applicationson React/Vue+web3 for the Ethereum Blockchain. From 2018 to the present has developed and participated in the team development of more than 50 projects, using various technologies, from web development for landing pages and online stores to working with decentralized applications. For the past two years has been working for an American startup focused on simplifying document handling for both managers ( people who create documents) and recipients ( people who fill out and sign documents). The project uses React(TS), Python(Flask), and SQLDB(PostgreSQL). Integration with Word, Google Documents, CSV, and Excel has been implemented. We have enabled working with both RTE and PDF documents, creating fields, collecting forms from documents, and compiling documents in to collections. A system for integrating documents in to other websites has been implemented. We are in the process of developing e-signatures, complying with U.S. laws. Responsible, stress-resistant, a good team player, capable of learning new things, searching for information, and reading documentation. Always try to find the best solution to a problem. His clients are always satisfied. In free time constantly learn, grows, and explores new technologies. Continuous development.