Kevyn F.
Location Map Pin Peru
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Lima)
Python Developer - Software Engineer
As a seasoned Python Software Engineer with seven-year track record, He exceles in crafting high-quality, efficient, and scalable solutions. Fluent in languages like Python, JavaScript, Dart, and C#, he. specializes in developing both web and mobile applications. Leveraging frameworks such as Django, Flask, FastAPI, React, Vue, Angular, and Flutter, He has contributed to diverse sectors including E-commerce, Education, Health, Petroleum, and FinTech, handling projects of various scopes and complexities. His analytical prowess and problem-solving abilities, combined with a keen attention to detail, empower him to work synergistically with cross-functional teams. He is dedicated to applying best practices in software development to create systems that precisely meet client needs. Thriving in dynamic environments, he adaptes swiftly to ensure success in fast-paced settings.