Philipp M.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Visionary iOS engineer with a unique C++/Unix foundation, specializing in innovative app development across various platforms including web.
- My expertise is not confined to mainstream iOS development; I bring rare and niche technology experience from my work in geophysics data processing and seismic event monitoring. This includes developing a near-real-time detector of acoustic events and a chat bot for seismic event notifications, illustrating my capability to work with specialized software and hardware interactions. - I am deeply passionate about leveraging technology for societal benefits, as demonstrated in my pet project where I prototyped an earthquake forecasting model using Deep Learning for the Romania region. This project not only underscores my skills in AI and ML but also highlights my commitment to applying technology in critical, life-saving contexts. - My drive to innovate led me to develop an encrypted notes manager with folders and tagging, using C++/Qt/QML/Sqlite/OpenSSL, showcasing my ability to conceive, design, and implement full-fledged applications from scratch.