Jorge A.
Location Map Pin Paraguay
Main Clock UTC-04:00 (America/Asuncion)
Experienced FS engineer skilled in Node.js, React, Java, and web tech. Leads teams, builds microservices, and designs DBs. Agile & DevOps proficient.
- Successfully led the development team for a US-based foundation dedicated to enhancing healthcare and reducing poverty, onboarding new team members, managing production deployments, and ensuring project documentation was up to date. - Developed a microservice in charge of communication with third-party software, adding functionality to consume and emit Kafka messages using custom libraries, and building REST services to communicate with other services. - Designed and implemented a risk management system for Financiera Solar as a full-stack developer, working on the front-end with JSF and PrimeFaces, employing Java EE and Spring Boot for the backend, and using PostgreSQL for data storage. - Built a management system for JV Importaciones from scratch, using React with ECMAScript 6 for the front-end, Java EE and Spring MVC for the backend, and deploying the application on AWS. - Developed and maintained functionalities in an OCR system that manages binary files in the server's file system, building functionalities with Java EE, Spring Boot, and REST, and designing part of the architecture to decouple functionalities and move to microservices. These achievements showcase my strong technical skills across various technologies, my ability to lead and manage projects, and my experience in designing and implementing complex systems.