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Yan S.
UTC+02:00 (Asia/Nicosia)
Middle Python developer with strong experience in Django / Aiohttp
I like working with interesting and nontrivial projects, that compel strongly consider and include creative thinking. Technologies with which I am familiar: - Python 3+ - Django / Django Rest API Framework - Django Сhannels - Flask - AioHttp - SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite...) - Celery + Redis/RabbitMQ (task queue service) - Stripe, PayPal (payment services) - Mandrill, MailChimp (email services) - Cloudinary, AWS S3 (cloud storage service‎s) - Selenium (scraping service) - Docker - Nginx/ HAProxy / Gunicorn / uWSGI / PM2 - AWS/Heroku/Digital Ocean instance deployment - Docker cloud deployment Being a very responsible and result-oriented person, before a new project I specify all details, that result will be, as client expected.