Carlos C.
Location Map Pin El Salvador
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/El_Salvador)
I have been working with .NET and C# since 2011 and with Xamarin since 2015. I have recently started to migrate applications from Xamarin to MAUI.
My work usually involves speaking English and I have worked for US clients since 2017. I have worked with .NET and C# since 2011 and Xamarin since 2015. I've recently started migrating applications from Xamarin to MAUI (I've been learning the framework changes for a year now). For a year he has been in contact and learning .NET MAUI, he has a xamarin app that he has developed personally. He has decided to migrate it to maui, it has been more academic than professional. 1 year with Maui academically. 7 years with Xamarin professionally.