Luis C.
Location Map Pin Peru
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Lima)
Experienced Software Developer skilled in designing, deploying, and maintaining complex software systems across diverse platforms and languages.
I am a dynamic and innovative software engineer with a proven track record of success in developing and maintaining critical revenue management systems. With expertise in niche technologies such as Ruby, Node.js, and Python, I have significantly improved system efficiency and reduced downtime through robust error handling and monitoring solutions. My commitment to quality is evident in the implementation of automated testing, leading to a decrease in bug reports. I excel in collaborative environments, evidenced by my role in delivering 30+ projects on time and optimizing database queries by 25% in my previous positions. Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply passionate about 3D printing, video game modding, and nurturing pet projects, all of which fuel my creativity and keep me engaged in the ever-evolving world of technology.