Cecilia G.
Location Map Pin Peru
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Lima)
Versatile Sr BE Dev. with global expertise in Python/Django, PHP/Laravel, Docker, AWS/Azure. Drives efficiency through ORM optimization and algorithms
I spearheaded innovative financing projects, seamlessly integrating Django with diverse financial entities. I optimized performance through advanced ORM queries in Django and developed intricate algorithms in Python to solve complex challenges. As a SCRUM master, I effectively directed software architecture, managed requirements, and provided technical leadership for various web and mobile projects. I leveraged cutting-edge technologies like Docker, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, and AWS/Azure to drive efficiency. I successfully developed e-commerce platforms for major clients like "Grupo Inca". I also conducted impactful research projects in collaboration with Langchain and OpenAI. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in a wide-range of technologies including Python/Django, PHP/Laravel, REST, GraphQL, Celery, ODOO, SAP integration, and more. I have consistently delivered exceptional results in high-profile projects across industries such as finance, e-commerce, real estate, transportation, and mining. My international experience, fluency in English and Portuguese, and ability to thrive in multicultural teams have been key to my success in global roles. I am adept at managing complex tasks and driving projects forward with strong technical and leadership skills.