Ricardo H.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
Fullstack developer
"-Starting my collaboration on a project required the use of a platform that I did not know, therefore I had to adapt and learn quickly. I managed to get my certification from that platform after a month. The platform is ServiceNow -On one occasion in a project we were 2 fullstack developers, my partner had a medical complication and I had to continue development alone for almost 2 weeks. It was difficult, but we managed to maintain delivery times. -For a project it was necessary to update 10 web pages with a variety of technologies, which led me to understand these technologies in an agile way to be able to carry out my tasks on time. -I joined a project that was already in an advanced stage, which led me to seek to understand most of the code that was already worked on. Achieving in a short time to understand the project and contribute to its advancement. -I have the CCNA certification: Introduction to Networks by Cisco"