Patricio Á.
Location Map Pin Ecuador
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Guayaquil)
Senior ReactJS Developer specializing in TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Sails, PWAs, RESTful APIs, GraphQL, Docker, Next.js, Auth0, and AWS.
I am a seasoned ReactJS Developer with over 5 years of experience in crafting robust and scalable applications. Spearheading frontend teams, I've ensured successful project deliveries while mentoring developers to foster a collaborative environment. My expertise spans rare technologies like Docker and Sails, alongside spearheading the implementation of innovative solutions such as live streaming with AWS IVS. I have a track record of deploying unique microfrontend architectures and Progressive Web Apps, enhancing user experiences and engagement. My commitment to staying abreast of industry trends, coupled with a knack for problem-solving, positions me as a valuable asset poised to drive innovation and tackle challenging projects head-on.