Illya R.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
With over 4 years as a Python Engineer, he excels in integrating cutting-edge technologies into projects and teams. He's proficient in FastAPI for sec
Experienced Full-Stack Engineer with over 4 Years of Expertise: With a rich background in Python engineering, this multifaceted engineer brings over four years of experience to the table. His proficiency extends across the entire development spectrum, from backend architecture and API services development to front-end design and deployment strategies. Renowned for his ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies into projects, he excels in leveraging Python frameworks such as FastAPI to create secure and efficient backends. His expertise in optimizing PostgreSQL architectures ensures robust database performance and scalability. Moreover, his familiarity with a microservices architecture using Kafka and RabbitMQ underscores his commitment to building scalable and resilient systems. On the front, he adeptly handles React and Next.js, crafting intuitive user interfaces that enhance the overall user experience. Beyond his core competencies, he possesses a breadth of skills encompassing machine learning, application deployment strategies, and web development best practices. His hands-on experience in machine learning allows him to integrate predictive analytics and AI-driven features into applications, adding value and functionality. Additionally, his proficiency in application deployment ensures smooth and efficient deployment pipelines, maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime. As a proactive leader, he has demonstrated his leadership capabilities by successfully leading teams and projects for over a year as a Team Lead. His ability to inspire and motivate team members, coupled with his strategic vision and problem-solving skills, has led to the successful closure of numerous projects. Furthermore, he actively engages in code reviews and provides valuable advice and guidance to team members, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.