George R.
Location Map Pin Georgia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Asia/Tbilisi)
Senior FS Engineer with 7+ years of commercial experience. Proficient in Typescript, NodeJS, React, Vue, PHP, AWS, Docker.
I have 7+ years of experience in commercial full-stack web development. The core of my experience is server-side application development using Typescript, NodeJS, AWS, and Docker. Along with these responsibilities I was also repeatably involved in client-side applications development using React and Vue, and various server-side applications development using PHP. In addition, my qualifications include well-developed soft skills; and a continuous desire to learn, self-improve, and develop my career. Accomplishments during my work: - led the team of 3 engineers as a Senior Engineer - led the development of a server-side web application for our client’s real-estate domain-related MVP. - migrating our client's essential business flow from plain NodeJS code to Temporal workflows. I consider this an achievement because I was the single responsible person who performed the migration while being a newcomer to the project and having no prior experience with Temporal.