Nicolás O.
Location Map Pin Argentina
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires)
Sr Full-Stack Software Engineer
In his 17-year career as a programmer, he has transitioned his focus to JavaScript, his favorite language, exploring its diverse possibilities. Renowned for his expertise in web development, he seamlessly transitions between backend and frontend tasks, adeptly utilizing technologies such as Vanilla JavaScript, Angular, Ionic, ReactJS, and Vue 3. He demonstrates a strong preference for SCSS or LESS in stylesheet development, although he has developed a fondness for Tailwind CSS. Proficient in Rest API and GraphQL testing, he leverages Postman to streamline testing processes, configuring workspaces and collections with precision. His database expertise spans SQL databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL, alongside NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Firestore. Additionally, he possesses proficiency in configuring AWS EC2 instances and is well-versed in various repository platforms like Gitlab, Bitbucket, and GitHub. Beyond these, he boasts experience in technologies like PHP, Symfony, WordPress, Docker, and Gitlab CI/CD.