Yaroslav H.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
• Combines all the skills of an AQA (Java) Engineer and Data Quality Analyst in one person; • Looking for an interesting project to apply
- Managed a team of up to 7 AQA Engineers - Maintained test automation projects for various products - Designed project architecture, chose approaches, tools, frameworks - Writed services, builders, dsl structures, autotests - Ran test suites for different types of functional testing: End-to-end, Smoke, Feature, Regression, including Cross browser, Cross device, Layout (screenshots comparison), Validation, Localization, load testing (JMeter) - Created docker images, composed docker services - Developed a desktop Swing application with helper tools for QAs & PMs - Reviewed code - Designed scripys (JS, Groovy, Shell) - Formalized rules, conventions, regulations, etc - Organized and managed internal processes: roadmapping, distribution of tasks (Jira flow), KPI etc. - Analyzed department results, internal communication: daily meetings, one-on-one meetings, retrospectives, assessment meetings; knowledge sharing: workshops, demos - Designed test/user guides documentation (Confluence)