Edgar Z.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
Software Engineer with great experience in React JS, React Native, NextJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS, MongoDB
I can adapt to working with different teams, whether large or small. I have experience working on projects from the ground up, as well as implementing new features. My expertise covers a wide range of technologies. Although I am primarily focused on full-stack development (80%), my orientation leans towards the front end. However, I also work on projects that involve the backend. Currently, I am employed at Cox, a US-based company specializing in automobile sales. Our work is organized using the Scrum methodology, and I collaborate with various teams across the globe, including Project Managers, Scrum, QA, and other developers (a total of 6 devs). Our tasks involve adding new features, creating invoices, debugging, optimizing performance, and deployment. I am proficient in Next.js and have been using it almost daily for the past 2 years. React.js has been my primary framework since the beginning of my career. Tech Stack: - Frontend: React, Angular, React Native, TypeScript, Next.js (6-8) - Backend: Node, Express, MongoDB, GraphQL - Styling: Tailwind, Styled Components/Material UI, Contentful - Tools: AWS, Jenkins, New Relic