Alexis O.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
Frontend software engineer with experience in web and mobile applications development.
Impactful contributions to projects: Ironjack: *Inventory management app* - Increased app performance by squashing all unnecessary React re-renders. *Location suggestions app* - Lifted test coverage percentage from 16% to 90%. Rabbit: *Marketplace mobile app with POS support* - Developed reusable custom components used on most views. - Normalized styling system to match Figma designs independently of screen size and resolution. - Implemented Bluetooth communication with third-party Point-of-Sale hardware through native SDK. - Developed a signature-capturing component for card purchases in native code. *Backoffice web app* - Built an e-commerce coupon administration module front-to-back: created serverless RESTful APIs in AWS Lambda and built UI on top of those services. *Order delivery-tracker mobile app - - Contributed to implementing “offline mode” and network update sync functionality. Firebase. *Order lifting mobile app - - Implemented Firebase analytics environments for development, staging, and production.