Natalia C.
Location Map Pin Uruguay
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Montevideo)
Seasoned full-stack developer with expertise in React and Node, known for building innovative web and mobile applications that boost productivity.
I developed, an innovative platform that disrupts traditional publishing by directly connecting authors with their readers. I led the creation of the Teton Ridge Rodeo Management Project, implementing cutting-edge technology solutions that transformed operational efficiency in the rodeo industry. I designed the Meeting Cost Calculator, which integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and Outlook, providing essential insights that have significantly boosted team productivity. I initiated and completed Pre-Sale, a specialized tool that streamlines the sales process, demonstrating my ability to innovate and improve business operations. I participated in a nationally recognized hackathon, where my team secured a top position for developing a real-time crowd management solution using IoT and AI. I have regularly contributed to community coding workshops, sharing my expertise in React and Node.js, which has helped others enter and excel in the tech industry.