Arnold R.
Location Map Pin Peru
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Lima)
I am a seasoned software developer with proficiency in Ruby on Rails and a strong passion for creating respectful professional partnerships.
I've worked with the following technologies. -Reverse engineering for web applications. - i18n and multi language support. - Automation by software, integration with hardware. - Performance Improvement for Ruby On Rails application and MySQL Databases Pet Projects. - I developed "UnionRO Server Manager". A server management tool for the video game Ragnarok Online, enabling server administrators to deploy updates, create in-game items, upload sprites, and monitor players in real-time. - I developed "HomeAction". A home automation project that integrates artificial intelligence to enhance and streamline domestic environments, providing intelligent control over household functions. Participation on well-known hackathons. - I participated in some ethical hacking contest more than ten years ago, like BoinasNegras in Spain. Teaching/tutoring experience. - Speaker for Agile Methodologies for development and business management: Lean, Kanban, Scrum. - I participated in Agile Learning Centers and have traveled to multiple countries as facilitator / coach of kids and adults. - I have mentored multiple junior developers throughout my career, helping them achieve seniority in programming. - I have been a speaker at multiple Agile conferences.