Jaifran H.
Location Map Pin Venezuela
Main Clock UTC-04:30 (America/Caracas)
Experienced Senior FrontEnd Engineer with a strong focus on JavaScript/TypeScript and a proven track record in delivering high-quality web solutions.
• I led the technical team at Val-u to reduce system failures by 45% in CI/CD pipelines and deploys. • I designed and implemented cloud infrastructure supporting 1000+ daily active users with cost-efficient solutions. • At PayPal, I managed the lifecycle of an automation project, successfully meeting all milestones and conducting thorough risk assessments. • I developed and refactored various components in JavaScript/TypeScript, improving code quality and performance. • I have experience working closely with product and design teams to create intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX solutions. • I provided mentorship and technical guidance to teams, contributing to successful project deliveries and skill development.