Andres D.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
Andres has over 18 years of experience working as a software engineer, and has experience with different programming languages.
Andres is a professional with over 18 years of experience as a software engineer. He has experience with different programming languages/frameworks, such as JavaScript/HTML/CSS (10 years), VanillaJS (10y), Ruby/RoR (5 years), React (5 years), Python (4+y), Node.js (6y), Django (2y), PHP, Java (10+ years), Angular, and more. In terms of Clouds, he has experience with AWS (6y) and Azure. About databases, he has experience with different ones, including PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and MongoDB. In terms of startup experience, he has strong experience with it, and also co-founded one back in 2016, that was sold to a larger company dedicated to healthcare ( He also has experience with Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, and Appium. Additionally, he is skilled in automation using Power Automate and Power Apps. Currently, Andres is working as a Team Lead on a telecom project for Oracle, where his team is responsible for creating a repository for phone access, specifically targeting phone carriers. With 6 years of experience as a Team Lead, leading teams ranging from 6 to 16 people, Andres has a strong background in leadership and team management, but also has strong “hands on” skills. Having gained international experience, Andres brings a global perspective to his work.