Isabelle K.
Location Map Pin Poland
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Warsaw)
She enhances UX for SaaS, expertly aligning business strategies with user needs to drive impactful digital solutions.
Her main accomplishments as a Product Designer include: - Designed successful features for a complex supply chain auditing product. - Created and automated at least 5 design libraries in Figma, using variables and tokens to ensure cross-product consistency and streamlined communication with the development team. - Improved the information architecture and user experience in a SaaS product, which helped to scale their market reach from 3 to over 30 countries in less than 2 years. - Delivered an MVP for a service management system, featuring a responsive back-office platform and an iOS native frontline application in about 3 months. The project is now live and continues to be enhanced incrementally based on user feedback and data from testing and interview sessions. - As a team lead, she has implemented design rituals, streamlined tools, and enhanced the UX maturity of the company.