Alexey S.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Experienced Python developer/Frontend developer
Programming languages: Python, Javascript, Node.js Frameworks: Django, DRF, TastyPie, Django Ninja, Oscar, Flask, Aiohttp, GAE, FastAPI, Pandas, sphinxsearch, Celery, Elasticsearch, PhantomJS, RQ, Tornado. Databases: SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), SQLite, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached, CouchDB, Couchbase Front-end related: Javascript, jquery, backbone, angular.js, underscore, handlebars, highcharts, css/css3, sass, html/html5, Angular, Vue Environments: Linux, Ubuntu, AWS, Docker, Heroku, Helm, Kube It's a community for asking and answering visual questions on different topics. The site's content is focused on Home Decor, Men's and Women's Fashion, Beauty, Weddings, Food & Drinks and more. Anchr is social focus group network built with Python and Django. It is simplest way to ask for, give and receive real-time votes and comments about questions that matter to you. Worked from the very beginning on facebook/twitter integration. Backbone front-end and Django back-end. Developed responsive design. Bug fixes. Technologies: Python 2.7, TastyPie for API, jQuery, Facebook API, Flicker API, Instagram API, HTML4, CSS3, Postgress, Nginix, celery, QT, Django 1.5 uBid uBid is an application for smartphones and tablets that allows to practice and improve your skills in the Bridge game. The purpose of the project was to create an app for iOS and Android that allows users to practice and improve their bidding skills. Worked on the backend part of system, features and bug fixes. Technologies Python 2.7, DRF for API, Facebook API, Twitter API, Celery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Django 1.10 CrowdDefend is an online platform dedicated to balancing the scales of justice. Worked from the very beginning, creating all parts of the system. Technologies Python 3.5, Celery, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Nginx, Django 1.7, PostgreSQL A System of 3D modeling We created a system for monitoring and automated 3D models creation on Raspberry Pi cameras. This system was created for a photo booth. We created the operating system with software that allows the user to make photos from 100 cameras at the same time. This system allows the user to put the photo files into a certain folder and launch 3D rendering. We had remote access to the single-control machine that gave us the ability to monitor 100 Raspberry Pi units. We used Agisoft to render the photos and generate 3D models. Worked from a very beginning, create all part of system. Technologies Python 2.7, Django 1.8, HTML5, CSS3 Python teacher in Spalah IT hub Python teacher in Raccoon Gang Python teacher in Hillel IT School