Nare A.
Location Map Pin Armenia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Asia/Yerevan)
I believe that great design begins with a deep understanding of the user's needs and aspirations.
Hello there! I'm Naré, and I'm on a mission to make the digital world a more user-friendly and delightful place. As a UX Designer, I thrive on the intersection of creativity and empathy, working tirelessly to transform complex problems into elegant and intuitive solutions. I'm a fervent advocate for user research and design thinking, always striving to find innovative solutions that resonate with humans. My toolkit includes industry-standard UX/UI design tools like Sketch, Figma, Adobe Suite, which I use to transform concepts into tangible, interactive experiences – all while occasionally sharing cat memes for inspiration. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a wide range of clients and industries, from startups to Fortune 70 companies. I thrive in dynamic, cross-functional teams where I can collaborate with developers, product managers, and stakeholders to bring visions to life. Together, we create designs that not only meet business goals but also resonate with users, and hopefully, cat lovers too.